Just this life {12} ~ It took me four years








It took me four years to walk across the street.

It is right next to where I teach A & P, where I've taught for four years now.

I've looked across the street at the colorful bottles glowing in the sky, and the whispering invitation of the garden space, and always said to myself, Not enough time - I'll go over another day.

For four years.

I finally went over a couple weeks ago. Welcomed by a sign that said Yes... at the entry, it felt instantly sweet to claim those moments in the afternoon sun, to say Yes back to the inviting aesthetic and revel in my breath, there, for the first time.

Inside was a labyrinth tended with love. A mingling of human touch with metal, wood and plant. A space lovingly left open to passersby, that they might pause.

I felt a peace to be had there, and wondered curiously why it had taken me so long to cross the street, to give myself that little gift of quiet exploration.

Surely, there's somewhere very near to your path, as of yet unexplored by your breath and eye, a place that you keep saving for another day, that you could finally take a moment to visit....