Just This Life {2}

Something about traveling makes me sentimental. The trip itself, coming home, and even the preparations before hand.

It feels like a willful dip into transformative waters, a chance to wake up perspective, settle into a more natural rhythm of present-mindedness and flexibility.

New places, people, experiences, and the passage of time, as an explorer with less attachment to routine and stuff... so sweet, that feeling is.

I adore the excitement and the feeling of empowered freedom it gives me, and how this always impacts the quality of my life overall.

It also touches a deeper place, a place that is connected to my nest-making tendencies with utter gratitude for my home and family, and for even having the resources to take such a journey.

Truth is, most of our trips are short ones, and often not far from home.

This week, though, I'm getting ready to leave for Arizona for over two weeks. There's a lot to line up before a trip like this. The first week, Steve will be there with me - visiting Sedona and the Grand Canyon and a way of being with one another that we've never quite experienced in our twelve years walking side by side, always working to make ends meet in the routine, and only sneaking away occasionally.

The second week, I will be on my own for the FEARLESS Painting Teacher Training Immersion in Sedona. This is a gathering I've been anticipating for over a year now, and is part of the container in which I've been meeting deep soulwork as I prepare to offer classes, workshops and services from the heart of my greatness and truth. I will be meeting some of the women for the first time, and re-connecting with others who felt like sisters the first time I laid eyes on them. To just share space with these women, will be healing enough... but we'll be stirring up magic, too.

I can feel the energy brewing already.

So, this trip already feels like a pivotal landmark, before I even pack my bags. The kind of landmark I want to be sure to stop at and BE in, letting time pass with no threat or thought, scanning every one of my senses for its fresh input from 360 degrees, drinking in the air and sights, and stretching into the space as it permeates my being... so that, as a wise friend tells me, I remember not to forget.


23 april 2013 Just This Life {entry 2} frequent spontaneous musings & prayers about my daily presence practice as an art in this one blessed life experience