The Prayer Box:: You Are Invited

When you are consciously aware that you are on *your* path, there are signs all around you. I like to think of those signs as messengers of validation and support... like love notes from the invisible creative spirit that guides everything.

Those signs come like waves of knowing, flooding through you in an instant that is easy to miss. For me, it feels like I've been lifted and shifted and opened a bit more to a fuller sensation of experience and growth... the wholeness that is me, fluid and evolving, offering and receiving.

I am so grateful each moment that I notice I have remained awake enough, to the world within and around me, to recognize and allow these signs to shape my experience with a sense of connection and love.

In 2012, I began holding space for others to submit their prayers - gratitudes, contemplations, desires, dreams. I then offered my presence and love to these prayers as I integrated them into the foundation of a Prayer Painting, and then painted intuitively over them, listening, trusting, painting.

This practice came from having the courage to step beyond just noticing those signs in my life, and into the activation of my truth from that shifting place of stillness.

I will be creating another collective Prayer Painting this June, and you are invited to offer your heart's prayer to this collective energy at anytime between now and then.

You can learn more, and submit your prayer privately, by visiting The Prayer Box page that now rests on this site.

In June, I will open the virtual box, and begin my creative process, praying and painting intuitively until the painting is done - and then I'll share whatever comes out of that practice here with you.


With love and blessings,