Keepers of the Creative Fire

" is about the realization 
that most things are not as they seem. 
As women we call upon our Intuition and Instinct in order to sniff things out. 
We use all our senses to wring the truth from things, 
to extract nourishment from ideas, 
to see what there is to see, 
know what there is to know, 
to be the keepers of the creative fire, 
and to have intimate knowing about the Life/Death/Life cycles of all nature - 
this is an initiated woman." 
-Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Tomorrow, I start recording for my first online class -
about some of my favorite topics... 
      SENSEuality, Arousal, Creative cycles, being a Woman.
Today, I've been feeling a bit nerve-wracked about the whole thing.
Where do I start? 
How do I express the extent of this innate knowing I hold?
Will the right words come, will it inspire like I hope?
Unsure, butterfly belly, nail-biting, second-guessing...
   like 'what am I doing? I'm not ready...'
Tonite, I re-read the wise woman words above,
   so synchronous with the experience I'm intending to share,
and I remembered my Truth -
like a sweet buzz to my cells and aura
whispering, 'you are so ready. trust yourself,'
like a soft honey-hand of love cradling my heart and fears
through the journey of this making.
I am a Keeper of the Creative Fire.
The fire that IS (ours), sweet friends.
I am JUST a Keeper,
a vessel not to contain
but to honor and offer humility, 
pouring my energy and devotion into the creative spark
so the fire can flow through me
into the warm place of my intention and offering.