Sometimes Serene

Sometimes, my joy center bursts from the tickle and tap

of musical sirens to my seafarer's soul.

Sometimes, my awe shape-shifts in the sky light of love

kissing my retinas so seductively slow, never not changing.

Sometimes, I field-walk in wildflower word perfection -

each an aromatic beggar for my poetic play bouquet.

Sometimes, my peace lies in the hollows of meditation

or circled within my love's warm arms of quiet abyss.

Sometimes, I sense Possibility buzzing

in sweet infinite nectar pulse expansion

within the seamless gap of life we are.

And sometimes, the miraculous is so overwhelming

I almost forget to pause presence and breathe...

So I circle back to swim in paint portals

of truth centering retreat

where I cleanse in the waters of me unseen.

Sometimes, I find there, surfacing

a spirit-song sense, gift of Serene.

Serene. Acrylic and oil pastel. completed on my birthday 2-18-2012.