Knowing That You Can

{listening. last call - IGNITE}

{listening. last call - IGNITE}

"Begin the way you wish to continue..."

Begin. Begin again. And again.

And Again.

and please, from time to time, step back and breathe into the beauty of it all unfolding,

outside of expectation and projection,

as it Is, as it always {was},

as it is meant to Be,

as it is meant to Become.

Begin in the mystery of your Life being lived

the strange desire, the tender wound, the bold knowing,

an open heart, open river, open mindbodysoul,

open to the truth of You

energy blooming

without regard for the storms around, when they come,

for they will pass

and sometimes they will be your own

and those will pass, too.

And life will flourish in new ways because of it.

Begin with a gentle step, to test the waking ground,

then TRUST and get moving.

Pause only to revere, to honor, to sniff - fully,

to lay thanks to soilwaterfirewordtree,

to look honesty in the eye,

and then step again...

the direction matters not,

only the Step,

foot to Earth,

in receiving.

Begin to look into the eyes that greet you -

ALL of them -

with all of your Vision and Heart...

... spare the time!...

...spare the heart!...

and choose trust again and again

as you begin

to listen to the gifts laid before you

and surrender to the gift

that is You.

When you see the glimmer of gift that you carry

can you dare then to sing it aloud,

to call even when you don't know the song,

as you step bravely,

hand in hand with the eyes that you met along the way...

can you carry this song

the song of Us,


the song of more than you, as it always was,

and will be again?

Can you sing a little louder

in dark places, as well as light,

that you might be the eyes of hope demystified

and the hand that has been longed for

as you begin again

and again?

I begin

knowing that you can.


Last night was our closing call for IGNITE, the Teacher Training that I've been in for the past 10 months with a circle of amazing women that I met in Sedona as part of our training. It was a closing, but not an ending. Our hearts are wider because of our journey together, and when hearts open ~ to give and receive ~ it is always a beginning.