21 Secrets LIVE for 2014!!! {I'm so there!}


This is not 21 Secrets as we've ever known it before... (though you can count on the 21 Secrets you've loved & relied upon to be available in 2014 as well).

This is something totally new from Dirty Footprints Studio - just a little 5 year celebration party... LIVE (from the comfort of your own home or studio)... for 21 weeks!!!

21 favorite teachers from past 21 Secrets years, offering a LIVE! art journaling broadcast where you can art journal alongside them and chat with other journalers!

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer    Dion Dior   Jane Davenport      Andrea Schroeder    Aimee Myers Dolich
Alma Stoller        Carissa Paige       Dale Anne Potter    Violette Clark         Roben-Marie Smith
Rachel Whetzel      Natasha Reilly         Rae Missigman           Diana Trout       Gretchen Miller
Hali Karla            Rachel Awes               Traci Bunkers             Lisa Wilson            Kate Crane
Tracy Verdugo              Kelly Barton                    Connie Hozvicka (Your Host)

These broadcasts will be recorded for all members - so if you have to miss one, no big deal - you can watch it later on your own time.

Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it?

Did I mention that I'll be on one of those broadcasts myself... oh, wait - I'll actually be on three - because I get the honor of hosting a couple of those broadcasts, too, in April!

I'm super excited for any chance to come together with artists near and far to create and share - and I'm hoping you'll join us with your art journals and presence.

Communities of art-makers are such good medicine for the soul!

For the whole scoop, to see who's teaching, and to register with the Pre-Sale pricing, just CLICK RIGHT HERE.

box elder

*** I am an affiliate for 21 Secrets LIVE! Which just means that if you click on a link from my site and happen to register, I get a bit of your registration fee to put toward my own art adventures and offerings. Woo-hoo!