Landscapes & Dreamscapes in Creative Practice :: ORIGIN now open for registration

There are unknown forces in nature... Rodin quote ... Origin (contemplative landscape art class) now open for registration with Hali Karla Arts

Nature is both creative source & muse.

When I reflect on what breathes soul and momentum into my creative curiosity, I always come back to Nature.

Whether it be my regular wood-walks in our beautiful mountains, tending the garden, road trips, shooting snapshots as a practice-in-seeing, or even my more recent obsession with learning the language of astrology as a way of deepening my star-gazing spirit and sense of connection.

Whatever direction I'm drawn to explore in the current moment, art and creative perspective always return me to my relationship with Nature.

Nature as Mother Earth AND the Great Spirit of our Universe.

That is why I am so excited to share that ORIGIN is now open for pre-registration. We will be exploring landscapes and dreamscapes - your unique sense of place - through creative practice and experimentation, softening into exploring the land around you, embracing cloud-gazing and offering our intentions for reflection. Doesn't that sound divine? *sigh*

Nature - and natural law, if you will - gives and takes and cycles and shifts Life itself on our beautiful little planet... and is spinning, retracting and expanding in a vast sea of star-stuff and mystery.

Including us and all the levels of creatures and miracles, of course.

For as long as there have been artists and creative souls, Nature has been muse and nurturer to their explorations, hungers and creations.

And sometimes she is a trickster, too. Full of surprises and tough calls, along with her magic. Her constancy is her presence and the guarantee of change.

She has been source not only in inspiration and the unexpected, but in material, subject and the literal energy within us that sparks our creative souls to join, relate, connect, bring forth, and realize.

We are not separate from Nature, or her cycles or whims. And we know in our bones we are more than a sum of (some of) her parts.

She is womb and tomb for our bodies, and siren to our soul - both destination and origin... and something beyond.

In my creative practice, there is no point of beginning more interesting, no blank page so rich, no better place to return to again and again than the abundant gifts and medicine of Nature herself.


She is the giver of belonging, purpose, wisdom and peace... even in the midst of unknown forces and change in life.

I truly couldn't be more excited to be putting together ORIGIN finally, as part of the Making Art Medicine series this year. I've been dreaming of sharing this journey for about two years now.

And I would LOVE to have you join in the adventure as part of your own creative practice, exploring your landscapes and dreamscapes in paint, presence and art journaling from wherever you are, too!

I would also love-Love-LOVE to know about your unique connection with Nature, landscapes or dreamscapes -  and what it is about nature and place you would love to explore in your creative practice.

Share any thoughts, stories or questions below in the comments...

Origin - a self-paced contemplative art class about connecting with your landscape and dreamscapes begins June 6 - with Hali Karla Arts

To learn more about ORIGIN and join us, go RIGHT HERE.

Wishing you love, delight and connection for your true Nature and senses this week.