Let It Come To You

I'm enjoying reacquainting myself with the medicine of each of these different birds as I paint them... what they teach simply by being what they are, instinctually, inherently, intuitively. They are true to themselves, with interest in their homes, seasons, nourishment, families or flocks... and in this, part of the miracle and ecology of life and spirit.

Quail is not a bird I had given much thought except to her beauty and an understanding of her as giver of food to other creatures. After a little learning to accompany my mark-making, I consider how they nestle in together for protection and warmth, and seem to be aware of the signs in their environment constantly. There is something soft in her wisdom about the power of community... and knowing where to take and entrust our vulnerabilities while relying on the power of one another to see us through.

In an interesting observation, my creative practice with these bird-sketch-paintings seems to have increased the bird sightings and synchronicities in my surroundings. Not only have our Spring birds returned to the yard in their rainbow of colors (more than ever before it seems!), but we were given a chicken coop this week - and we might just be ready to raise some ducks... a little thing we've been wanting to try in alignment with a simplified, grounded, inspired vision for our creative living journey.

The day before we were offered that gift, we were talking about our dreams a bit, simplifying and getting to the heart of living, and my fella had a tea bag tag that read, "Let it come to you." We aren't in the ideal environment to suit our bigger vision, but that doesn't mean we can't start learning and exploring that joy now. A gifted coop and a couple of ducks seem like right-timing for our little family.