Living Prayer {your prayer painting}


" is the spirit of prayer rather than its form that matters."



Thank you to everyone of you that entrusted your prayers to me and this intuitive, creative process. Truly, I cannot express adequately the gratitude I feel for the honor of witnessing you, for this practice of my heart, and for the beautiful sense of connection we have the chance to share because of it.

I have to confess that I am far from perfect in this practice. I don't walk around in a state of perpetual trust and knowing about it all - I'd be lying if I said I did.

Before I open the prayer box, I go through a gamut of emotions and mind-chatter of my own, including wondering how this little act really helps....

All I know is that I'm called to do it... and I've learned to listen. I possess a devotion to show up to a mystery that is greater than my mind can deduce. The mystery of prayer and art, and the healing power of leaning into our deepest values and each other.

So when my mind gets busy with its questions, I sink into the wisdom of grounding, centering, clearing, song, praying my own prayers... and I do it again and again, as much as it takes.

When I reach a place inside, a place of... space and presence... then I open and print the prayers, and I begin to read them, praying with each of you, saying your name, crying tears and smiling deep, and it is in your words that I know.

I know exactly why this matters. For you and for me.

It begins with this... we all pray for the same core truths. Every one of us. We are pieces of one another in this. This goes well beyond simple petitions and pleas and into the very pulsing heart of life that we all share.

See, there is something in us that rises to meet the sacred in a very pure, humble way when we are being wholly witnessed as we are, from the inside out. We get to the very core of what matters most, within us, in that given moment and exchange. We meet our tender spirit - and when we feel safe - we hold it out in an offering - first to each other, but really to a power that is bigger than any one of us alone... a power that swells when we come together with this love and trust.

So, while I believe with all my heart that your prayer alone is enough to see you through, whatever form it takes, whether you ever share it with another human... I also sense that we have the ability to empower ourselves and one another when we reach out and gesture toward one another, saying with our very Presence, that there is sacred connection between us and comfort to be known in accepting love and story from one another, with brave transparency, when we practice showing up again and again, - as much as it takes - because in this showing, this service, this being together wholly, we become outwardly what we already are at our core, we become Living Prayer.

I thank you, from the depths of my heart, for allowing me to witness your hearts... and for witnessing mine in return.







Because I have been asked for prints of my prayer paintings with each one, prints of this Prayer Painting are available HERE.


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