Make Your Art. It's why you came.

i started my day with some reading, as usual. today i stumbled upon this online from a local musician/artist:
"To other artists out there - MAKE YOUR ART. It's why you came. Keep your life simple so that you have time for it. Keep your costs low so that you're not doing the crazy chicken dance trying to keep up to maintain objects, robots, lifestyle. Take good care of your body so that you can enjoy the process. Protect yourself from emotional blood suckers. Develop routine. Clarify your intention. Celebrate your small victories. Activate your gratitude - Art is a job that pays in undercover ways - little golden coins that come in different shapes like spiritual nourishment, adventure, positive social binding, genuine appreciation from others. It's not always there in monetary form, but a payment is ALWAYS made, it's just a different field of payment. Soul payment. Do your work. It's a rich investment in your self and your future."
- Chelsea Lynn LaBate of Ten Cent Poetry in Asheville
Asheville is a relatively new home to us still, but we moved here because there is a creative energy that can't be denied, and the landscape itself is pure magic. But it's not the beauty of the Appalachians that make for the energy of Asheville - it's the people that are drawn to it. People who make art and music as a way of living and being, people who live closer to the earth, and many who think more holistically about well-being.
People who dare to be themselves.
People who believe there is a different way.
it's good to feel you are in the right place, surrounded by like-minded intention,
to begin to live what you are called to do, even if you keep to yourself much of the time.