Making Room for Space, Making Space for Calm

Today is my self-dubbed "Simplicitous Sunday" - and it's been a busy day, but in a quieter way than usual. Spent much of today in reflection. To honor my commitment to simplifying, I didn't let the thought of chores or the week ahead take over at all today - and that's a big accomplishment for a recovering worrier like myself. I stayed true to doing what felt good, and switched when that began to shift inside of me. I spent time alone, taking some inventory of where i'm at, and contemplating the inner work I have ahead of me in order to continue to live the life i desire while appreciating the life i have. To live creatively. To live simpler. And it's clear I have a lot of work to do when it comes to making space... in my mind... and in my tasks... ultimately, in my time... so that there is room and energy for these manifestations to come in fully.
 So today I am setting intentions to invite in the space. To welcome, allow, recognize and nurture the calm inside of me. So that i can listen deeply to the guidance i seek.

Art Journal - page 2 of my self revolution book, an invitation for my life