Making Art Medicine - all new 2016 classes announced!


Making Art Medicine It's been a soft telling so far, about this new mixed-media workshop series that I am so very excited to offer you, called Making Art Medicine.

I thought I should make the official blog announcement now that creative souls are beginning to claim seats for 2016!

I believe deeply that there is a bigger process at play, always - and I dare to navigate my life and creative offerings from that awareness, trusting the flow as it pulls me. And yet that kind of approach takes time, practice, love and lots of patience.

The vision for this series of workshops has gone through quite a labor and evolution to even get to this point... but just last week, I felt the nudge loud and clear, it is time to activate and invite.

I'm not going to lie - while it is a series of classes for you, Making Art Medicine has me excited for my own creative practice, too! It is coming from the depths of my own process and experience in ways that I rarely put words to... and I am *lit up* to share the inspiration and guide this journey.

I'm also excited for those of you who participate - to develop, harvest and refine your creative practice, skill, intuition and awareness. To return to the pure joy and healing of what art-making can feel (and look) like when it is for you and the wonder of a committed process, first and foremost.

I'm not going to give you some personal story or strategic list of convincing reasons to sign-up today... because the way I see it - there's only one reason to, if you do at all. And I know what that one reason feels like quite well, after a few wild decades driven by my own creative process rollercoaster...and... well... if that reason is alive and kicking in you...

You know already.

You know inside of You if you want or need to go a little deeper with your art-making.

You know already if committing to your creative practice, like a pilgrim stepping into the enchanted world of your process, is exactly what you hunger for.

You don't need to know your specific reasons - what medicine you will find or where you will end up - you just need to recognize the call within you.

When that sort of thirst or ache is there - that beckoning or curiosity to shift energy and attention toward your creative expression in this life - there's nothing to do but listen to it - or not.

{If it has been there for any length of time, and you don't honor it - it likely won't go away, I promise you. It will just show up in other restless ways in your life - so find your way to move toward it, with Making Art Medicine or elsewhere!}

So I don't think you need me to tell you more today about why I make art or how it heals to know if this is a resonant opportunity for your practice and process.

Because all the stories in the world can't take you into the wild vastness where your art medicine awaits.

Only you can. In your practice. One step at a time toward the horizon that shifts and enchants you.

It's an experience only you can give to yourself.

Your inner artist and inner healer already know what you need way better than me or anyone else.

So have a peek at Making Art Medicine and listen in to what might be calling for your attention.

Does your heart flutter at the thought as you read about the sessions? Is there a curiosity you can't deny? An excited YES, or an edgy one that you can't ignore?

Trust your truth and creative intuition.

I'm excited to see what comes of the sessions - for all of us!


In Making Art Medicine, we will explore in our mixed-media art journals, sketchbooks, and paintings, with a few surprise projects for practice and play.

And if you've ever worked with me - you know it will go deeper. I can't help it - it's how I roll!

So today, I just want to whisper that it's open for pre-registration at a special rate until the New Year, and invite you to hop over and check it out, now that the page - and energy - is coming to life!

Thank you to those who have already signed up from the Holistic Creative community - my heart is full with excitement!