Many Ways to Pray

Many Ways To Pray

in the garden, tending
in the kitchen, concocting
sewing, stitching, mending
a touch of the hand, unexpected: "i'm here with you"
tub scrubbing
running, stretching, dancing
laughing in the dark
laughing in the light
tears streaming
watching, playing
sitting, quiet, still
hugging, cuddle-love bugging, petting soft,
fervent loving

meeting the eyes of a stranger, softly
offering a help, a smile, a moment

nestled in the bosom of nature's elements, so deep
you feel them in your veins
root branched wisdom
steady, pulsing, life

in word weaving, story telling,
making musical sounds awaken without and within
in drawing out the line that sits invisible on the page
in clay balls caressed into vessels on spin
in color dollop layers laid with freeform fun abandon
or marks smeared, rips torn in discomfort
acknowledged, allowed, released

there are many ways to pray

even kneeling to the ground, hands posed,
words uttered, head bowed or cocked in choreographed station
can be but empty repetitive folly of heart
if You are not in it

You are where your heart lies open
to the ripening grace of your own joyful,
vulnerable rivers of truth

there are many ways to pray

the question is
where is that for you?
the place where you open just enough
to be held
in the promise that does not waver

and how often do you visit?
how long does a visit carry you
in kind ease with others
unquestioning, along the road of dark travel?

explore this intimate place of you
this way that is your soul's water and flame
let this be your way to live radically and fully
in service to self, miracle and origin evolution
in service to a suffering world, growing, expanding, seeking,
changing by the minute into a reflection of our focus

because there are many ways to pray
each and every one a gateway of that focus
and one of those is yours

~ hali
7 12 12, morning pages

How do YOU pray?