Artist~Healer Circle :: Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson. (Don't you just love this picture?!)

It was about a year ago 

that I first read a post by this week's Artist~Healer guest 

over at her blog,


I liked it so much, I went back a few days later, and then again for another a few days after that.

I felt a kindred connection of spirit right away with Lisa Wilson and her calling.

I was hooked - so her blog became a permanently bookmarked destination on my toolbar.

And THEN, it ended up that she was a sister

Fearless Painter

, too!!

So, I am super excited to hand over this post to my friend,

Lisa Wilson!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am an Awareness Artist specializing in mindful and creative living in the REAL world.

I write at,

as well as lead the FREE online mindfulness course,

The Wild Elephant Project


I get the bills paid and my children fed and dressed (most of the time)

all while exploring (and sharing) the magical exploration of being ALIVE.

Come join me!

(Bonus points if you bring an iced chai.)

I have to admit - this is one of my favorite video-talks that I've ever done.  Something about the invitation to tap into my artist side and healer side simultaneously awoke something within....  I don't want to try and describe it.  I'd rather you just listen and share what (if anything) awakens within you!!

LilyWheel Slide: Artist-Healer Series -- Awareness Artist Lisa Renee Wilson from Lisa Wilson on Vimeo.



Share!  What do you think?  Are you ready to start making waves?  Healing yourself?  Expressing yourself?  Creatively living?  Tapping into interconnectedness? Share, share!

For those interested in taking the next step, I just opened registration for an online art-course, "

The Encaustic Experience: Beginner's Mind

"...and will be opening registration in mid-late August for an

Awareness Arts

course.  Learn more over at my website (

).  I hope to see you in one of the classes - but either way, stop over and say hi!  

THANK YOU deeply to Hali for this beautiful invitation and series, and to each of the other artist-healers for sharing their stories with all of us.  

Your turn....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~