March Prayer Art Invitation

This month, I invite you to Listen.

Step outside, into a favorite place in nature perhaps, and settle into your own quiet presence.

And just Listen.

Listen until you actually feel the quiet within you shift into a deeper stillness, even if just a bit. (hint: if you think you felt it, you did)

It doesn't matter what is going on around you, what noises are in your area. In truth, they can sometimes even help us 'get' present.

Notice how you feel in your skin when you do nothing but Listen to what is around you, what is natural and alive, what is within you, what IS You.

And then when you sit down to create your prayer art, whether that day or later, close your eyes before you begin and let the memory of those moments - how they felt - settle into your skin again.

Then, pick up your brush or pen, with the quiet breath of that prayer still warm on your heart, and begin to Listen while you create.


For more on my journey into the practice of prayer art making, as well as some tips on how to begin your own, I thought I'd share some previous posts that may interest and help you (the last one is the one with the tips, if you'd like to skip ahead!):

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~ ~ ~

(Feel free to share links to your "Listen" Invitation creations here in the comments this month!)