My Spoon Bent For Me!


I'm a fan of Lissa Rankin, and enjoy her posts and views on the necessity of shifting how we think about healthcare and healing a great deal. My time as a nurse has me appreciating the awareness she is trying to bring to people about holistic healing and the beautiful interactions of our body, mind and spirit.

Earlier this year she mentioned some time she had spent at Martha Beck's ranch, and that she had finally been able to bend a spoon with little to no force, by developing a relationship with it and releasing her sense of limitations in doing so.

I was intrigued. That's an easy mind-play-game to try from time to time, so I thought I'd have a go. And I knew just the spoon...

We have a thick stainless steel spoon left from an old set. So I've been spending time with that spoon over the last month and a half, quietly talking to it, asking it if it would like to try a little back bend for me, caressing it while I read or watch videos or look out the window. And then, sometimes, I try to bend her... to no avail.

I tested the waters with her a few times - by seeing how hard I would have to exert myself to feel some movement in the metal - and it was very hard, so much that I knew it would hurt my hands to force my will upon the exercise.

If I had to press hard while trying to do it effortlessly, I took it as a firm, "No, you're not listening yet. Sit with this more." She has remained strong, firm and unyielding in insisting that I "get" the whole point of this game in my very cells. She just hasn't budged.

Until today.

Earlier today, a friend recommended a video, and as I watched this beautiful woman, Sue Austin, talk about the delight she finds in experiencing her world in a wheelchair, I was deeply moved.

I found myself feeling how true it is that our capacity lies in our ability to choose the inspired, joyful, curious perspective and experience that is uniquely ours no matter our circumstances, already alive within us, just maybe underneath the dust and stories we've collected along the way.

It felt energetic to sense this - to be reminded that our limitations truly are only about our perceptions mingled with self-consciousness and maybe a false sense of duty to the conventional, the trends, the assumed, the status quo, the familiar path.

As I felt the rush of that knowing and the inspired relief of release, I also felt called to pick up my spoon.

We didn't talk so much this time. I just gave her a little smile, had a quick flash of the continuum between the metal and my skin, and knew from how I felt that today was the day.

And she bent  - with practically no effort at all from my hands. Like I was bending a thick piece of clay, not steel.

Just like that - she bent for me. Because I knew she could, and did not doubt that she would.

I feel like how it all played out this morning is a testimony  - to how living our truth and art can energetically effect others into realizing greater capacity and potential within their own lives... a testimony to the power of our energetic beliefs.

This is the video I was watching that prompted my alignment: