May Prayer Art Invitation


As I've been walking and praying and making art around Sedona and the Grand Canyon this week, what keeps reverberating in my awareness, like a song, is "...Holy, Wholly, Holy...."

Maybe because there are no 'words' exactly to describe the feeling of sacredness permeating your senses and spirit. It just IS.

And this "IS-ness" is the feeling that can carry us through... even in the ordinary places, on the ordinary days, in perfectly ordinary ways.....

It is a wisdom, a connection that pulses in our bodies. It is living, creative energy.

Visiting extraordinary places, or partaking in ceremonies and rituals... it all serves the purpose of quickening that pulse, and bringing us back to center.

The center of Sacred. You know it when you feel it.

So, for May's Prayer Art Invitation, I invite you to close your eyes and sit in stillness, wherever you are, and remember.

Remember how that feeling of connecting to something sacred feels inside of you.

Remember it and imagine that memory rushing through your veins, with your blood, with your pulse... Imagine it until you realize that it is not just a memory, but an experience NOW, right where you sit.

When you begin to notice how that feeling is still very alive in you, then create your prayer art from that feeling, that place inside, that moment of ritual...

Let this be your ceremony of creative connection this month.