Just This Life {3 :: Sedona Retrospective Pt 1}

There is a rhythm to the Creative Process that echoes the rhythms of so many ways we move through life.

It's not unlike the way we interact with others, the way we fall in love, the way we grieve, the way we collaborate, the way we perform ritual, or the way we heal.

If I told you my deepest truth in this... well, it would be that I believe the Creative Process is present in every aspect of how we experience life.

In fact, it doesn't echo the rhythms of life as much as it IS the rhythm of life.

What makes all the difference in the world, is how open we are to developing a relationship with it and how aware we are of that process working through us.

This matters so much to the quality of how we relate to ourselves and the world around us.

So much.

I spent over two weeks in Arizona on a trip that I always knew would be pivotal for my relations and path.

This was not an expectation as much as an intuitive knowing... the kind that makes me wary to whisper of it beforehand for fear of diluting its potency.

The kind that makes me know there is a higher power... a higher power of connection beyond all names, in the dirt, the sunrays and stars, the rivers, the green ones & tall ones, in the air I breathe into my lungs and cells, and breathe out in offering of proof that I witness... I witness... I see... I am of this creative life and process.

I planned this trip to Arizona intentionally, with a week to settle into the space before circling with women for deep soulwork in my teacher training. I did this because I know something of my own unique relationship & rhythm with creative processing & showing up.

But the soulwork began when I arrived - in the settling in itself - in the time shared there with my partner.

For this, I am so grateful, because I now know I was not settling into a landscape for comfort - it wasn't about this place in time. I was settling into my skin, into the truths that I and the dirt hold. I was remembering Me, as a deeper witness to myself...

and I needed this, oh-so-deeply, for the week that was to come after, and for the service I am now called forward to activate and offer.

More about that soon...

{These images are just a glimpse from the magic of that first week.}