November Invitation ~ Art of Prayer

Here in the states, November is the month of Thanksgiving.

Similar celebrations take place around the world this time of year from August through December.

It has always been my family's favorite holiday of the so-called 'holiday season', because it becomes about a communion of sorts: being together, sharing space and thanks, and breaking bread without all the glitz and hoopla that often surrounds the holidays of December.

Of course, ideally, we are practicing intentional appreciation and awareness of our blessings throughout the year, each day, each week. The holiday is, then, a day to simply honor, reflect upon, and celebrate the act of integrating gratitude into our daily lives throughout the year. Or a reminder to move deeper into that integration.

That's how I like to think of it anyway.

But gratitude can be tricky some days, when in the mix of daily life,

challenges, distractions, busyness and suffering,

or in the midst of great, great challenges - natural, unexpected and otherwise.

It is easy to look over and take for granted.

It is also deeply needed in the easing of suffering and negativity.

It is transformative and powerful.

It is a pipeline to the divine, and pulses ~ alive ~ right in our senses and hearts.

It can also become a deeply liberating and meaningful practice

that doesn't have to be complicated or grandiose - just intentional.

So, while this month's invitation is somewhat predictable, it is one in which I encourage you to take your reflection to a deeper, personal level within your spiritual practice and creative process, as well as within your daily routine.

The Art of Prayer Invitation for November is

How do you offer gratitude?

What does that feel like within?

How do you receive gratitude?

How can you grow in the embodiment of gratitude as prayer and creation?

I am really looking forward to reflecting deeply with this one daily over the course of the month,

and I can't wait for the sharing of your process, creations, thoughts and practice, as well.

Please join us in the facebook Art of Prayer group if you'd like.

And you can see some of the Prayer Art that's being created by group members in this album HERE.

Much love to you all.

3 nov 2012


(my response to the October invitation should be up tomorrow - technology permitting!)

A favorite place of mine to walk to and reflect in.