October Prayer Painting! {Fear & Possibility}


This painting didn't go as expected.

When I started it, it was a prayer painting - just not the one I thought it was.

We're a little more cohesive than that, though, aren't we?

We don't always get to just say "This is for this over here" and "That is for that."

Especially not with matters of the spirit and heart -

the altar to which we take our deepest fears and greatest possibilities.

All parts of our experience and contemplations bleed and blend organically into one another,

feeding and sharing with one another.

It can't be helped.

It is a perfect integration, really - completely out of our control.

As always, I walk away from my practice lifted - a little, now, in ways I understand immediately,

as well as shifted - immensely, in ways I get to continue to discover as I walk on.

I share some thoughts at the end of this video about Fear and Possibility,

as well as the whole finished piece, after its transformations.