Reaching Out, Reaching In


I worked on this Prayer Painting live last night, in an online meet-up with the Sacred Art of Women group I host.

I must confess it was a bit strange to be witnessed in real time for my process... strange for about 2 minutes. The collective energy of this group is so strong, so wise and feminine and graceful... that I could palpably feel it comforting me through the technology that made it possible for women around the globe to come together for a creative gathering to share our time, energy, prayers, thoughts, insights, and creativity.

I forgot about the camera pretty quick and the time FLEW by!

This canvas-in-progress is a temporary altar of sorts for me for this season of my life. I shared more about that right HERE. It is a different dance to intentionally come back to a piece over time, with stretches of experience and life in between the moments of touching the piece. It is a dance I am appreciating deeply right now... one with space, and a richness to the unfolding that is about the slow-cooking of mystery and commitment and the power of choosing a practice.

Today, I move back into creation behind the scenes, but I wanted to share two thoughts...

First, I have a raw little guest post over at my friend Lisa Rough's Summertime Hullabaloo today. Check it out RIGHT HERE!


Second, any woman is still invited to join the Sacred Art of Women group I mentioned above - which is now a secret group (meaning you won't find it in a search on facebook).

There is no cost to join. It is a space for sharing and exploring our creative and spiritual process, for discussing the integration and embodiment of our whole, awakened selves into our lives, and practicing the art of presence. You are welcome to share and interact as it feels good to your soul to do so, or to visit quietly and be inspired. I ask all members that they come to this space with the intention of community and supporting this vision, and not as a place to serve self-promotion.

If this sounds like a space or part of yourself that you would like to explore, please take these two steps TO JOIN:

1) friend me on facebook, then

2) send me a message that you would like to join the SAW group, and I will be happy to add you!