She's Everywhere



This week in the RHYTHM Session RELATE, we've been working with the sacred gift of Wisdom, exploring what that means to each of us, opening up to receive the bounty of wisdom our natural world is always offering us, and gently expanding our trust in our selves and each other as wise women ~ evolving, connecting, creating, offering.

We had our first virtual chat~circle last night, and I stepped away full of inspiration, question, and deep gratitude to be holding circle with these 12 creative women for the next 9 weeks.

What I find is that Women's Circles are places of deep reflection and important practice, like visiting a holy pool to listen for the guidance from your maker.

In the still attention that you offer, you will receive a drink for your journey from the Wise Woman herself .

It can be subtle, how the messages we need to hear land gracefully upon our ears. Or it can be point-blank, there-you-go, you-know-you-already-knew, what-are-you-waiting-for validation. How it unfolds is organic, unpredictable, and so RICH.

It is healing work. For ourselves and how we've learned to relate to one another over time. It is the honoring, the re-writing, the living of our stories in motion.

It's a little bit like magic, a lot like medicine, and when we offer it our time and presence, honoring each thought shared, each woman in her wholeness, as she is, a fundamental part of the collective energy, there is plenty to fill the hearts and bellies of all.

Today I am grateful for the Wise Woman I see everywhere.