Reliquary ~ Sacred Art

As part of our journey in IGNITE, we were given the assignment to create a reliquary to house and honor items, reminders, relics that we collect and create along the way in our work.

What you see above is the reliquary I created to sit on the altar in my studio. Each color and symbol, each piece of fabric and image was chosen with distinct significance for the Sacred Soul Work that this journey is all about - for me and the twelve other women involved.

There is a difference between creating art and creating sacred art. I am still exploring the articulation for this. But for now, I will just say that it is much like the difference between Having an Experience vs. Experiencing.

Putting together a sacred art container is a moving creative process, rich with intention. All my usual rhythms of process showed up - to be reveled in or moved through, and I got to set the stage of my intentions by spending time with the creation of something that will live in my studio well past the conclusion of IGNITE - something that will hold within it that which represents and reminds me of the foundation and essence of who I am as an artist, a spirit, journeying and creating a life of connections that can be as sacred in any given moment as I choose it to be, as sacred as I choose to see it, as sacred as the place within me that I choose to create from.

26 october 2012

~ hali