Spectrum Holistic Creative Journaling Workshop Opens in 4 Days (Sneak Peek)

Spectrum Holistic Creative Journaling Workshop (45 teachers, 22 weeks, ongoing unlimited access). Join us! The title pretty much says it all. (Are you signed up?)

Or... maybe it doesn't, if you're new here.

This sneak peek video might help...

Even though I try to keep it pretty simple and straightforward for our teachers and participants, there are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes to bring together a holistic awareness + art journaling workshop like this with so many contributors (45!).

That's where I am these days... fluffing up our sweet new online classroom, and making sure everything is all set to open on May 2 for our participants.

I can't say for sure what a journey through Spectrum might bring to you... because what I do know is that it will be way more than 'just' an art or creative journaling practice - and what that is will be completely unique for you and your life.

That's the beauty of Spectrum...

It's about the day-to-day of living, relationship, healing, art-making, creative expression, truth-telling, awareness, forgiveness, love, soulwork, listening within, nature, our bodies, strengthening courage, exploring connections, conscious growth, honoring mystery and wholeness.

It is way more than I could ever offer alone, because of the teachers and participants that partake.

And because of the vision we share - about honoring the creative wisdom inherent in each of us and the power of coming together to share and witness that with one another, forming a collective of creative energy that supports, inspires and motivates us all.

Can you tell I'm getting excited?

I deeply believe in this work of creative awareness and exploration - which, thankfully, so often looks and feels like the freedom of curiosity and play.

But don't be fooled, we don't bypass or deny the deeper stuff here. That's why we call it holistic.

We want the whole you to partake in your creative perspective, exploration and expression.

Creative practice is like that - a secret medicine or tool for the soul... a gateway to our most authentic selves and each other.

All of that said, I must get back to preparations for Monday.

I hope to see you in Spectrum this year! Click here to learn more

20 new teachers for Spectrum 2016 are joined by 25 returning contributors!


(If you can't join us now, but really wish you could, please make note that registration is open until November 30, and access is ongoing and unlimited well into 2017. While content will be released over the next 22 weeks, there is no getting behind, and self-pacing is highly encouraged.)