creative practice, loving people one at a time, and the inside-job of transformational shifts

Spirit Bird, mixed-media on canvas panel, Hali Karla

As some of you know, while the blog and even my social media has been a bit quiet lately, much of my creative energy and learning process has been behind-the-scenes. There have been intuitive and transformational movements finally making sense, technical maintenance and care, soulcare readings, creative energy shifts and growth happening… and that’s all mostly an inside job, first and foremost. I can’t wait to share more, in right timing. But you know the times in life when you feel yourself becoming a little bit more in touch with your life purpose, and how life so far has been completely preparing you all along? Yeah… that.

Much of the clarity and changes I’m instigating have been possible because of the support, inspiration and shared flow between myself and my patrons over on my new patreon. The focus there is Creative Practice development and explorations… with all its playfulness, potential depth and mirroring for life and how we navigate it. Those of us who can, get together live-online a couple times a month, too. It’s warm and more relational than the usual information/lesson/webinar formats out there.

My own art+life practice is going deeper because of that space and my patrons… and my offerings will reflect that more soon. Just tweaking details over here. 2020 is feeling full of promise for the good, hard and rewarding creative work of becoming better human beings, in and out, if you ask me.

I’ve also had some wonderful one-on-one (re)connections and conversations with mentors and friends, in right timing - moments rich with messages that seem to come when I’ve needed them the most, in all the subtle and not-so-subtle ways… and I’m grateful for this.

Let’s hope we’re all paying attention when what our soul needs to see or hear shows up like that, through our people and places and presence - when Creative Spirit beckons us to recognize and step more fully into who we are, and away from who we are not. Let’s also pray to be used as the messenger when those we love and encounter most need an encouraging or compassionate message or witness, as well.

Here’s a few links to recent things that are available for your Creative Practice or to just check out:

  • In sync with this month of various ancestor celebrations and “thin veils," I revived a lovely Contemplative Creative Journaling Practice called Grandmothers’ Medicine. It’s really a sort ritual for your art journaling practice. I’m happy to offer a pay what you choose option, with instant access. You can also read more about this mini-workshop HERE.

  • I quietly opened my online art shop last month and sold some art (thank you!). There’s a few things still there (like that painting above), and more coming from time to time.

  • Come join us on Patreon! That’s where I’m channeling most of my online energy and offerings right now, plus you get all the inside scoop about my process, life and what’s coming - and other fun+meaningful ways to explore and develop your Creative Practice each month. For instance, RIVER, SEA & SKY Patrons get the Grandmothers’ Medicine course as a patron perk.

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[image: Spirit Bird Painting, 12x12 inch mixed-media painting on archival canvas panel, available here]