Tending Stories ~ video musings


There are certainly appropriate times for invasive healing and examination.
But more often than not, whether we are talking about matters of the body or spirit, there is time to step back and ask if there isn't, perhaps, a more organic approach that places less stress and more optimal results on ourselves.

As I shift deeper into my own soul work, I am feeling this truth in new ways, with new perspective.

It can feel so urgent to dissect and force-fix our wounded stories when we set our intention toward beginning our soul work, so that we can get on with it.
But more often than not, in my experience, this simply increases and creates unnecessary suffering in our process. And it just doesn't work.

There is a natural unfolding of our inner healing and spiritual journey that is much bigger than our own agenda and schedule.

And there's another way to facilitate the healing of the painful stories we carry.
And it's a lot more fun, if you ask me.
Gentler, nurturing, still tending, still stretching, still building and growing...
just in sustainable ways.
It is simply less draining...

sounds good to me. and feels so much better, lighter, empowering.

that's what I'm talking about in the video today.

How do you nourish the healing environment of your story? 
Can you give your mind an empowering task to keep it from dark ruminations as you explore your essence in more nurturing, curvier ways than blatant analysis and replay?
Can you Trust the natural course of the universe to balance it out within you, for you, perfectly, in just the way you need?

I'd love to know your thoughts.

as always, in love,
14 nov 2012