Invitation to Offer Your Prayer :: Shifting Times

As I've been feeling my way a little deeper into gratitude awareness this month, it became quite clear that *now* is the time to send out another Invitation for Prayers.

Offer your prayer, if you like

~ whatever prayer is pulling at your heart Right Now.

I will be placing your prayer, alongside the others that are offered, in the foundation of a collective Prayer Painting that I plan to begin on Thanksgiving day next week.

I will share this painting just as soon as 'she' says she's complete.

I create my prayer paintings as a spiritual practice.

The process is a lot like intuitive painting, but there are differences that I'm still formulating language for.

For one, we share and respond to the paintings when we feel called to.

Another unique quality has a whole lot to do with community building, and raising the energy of innate feminine wisdom, gently, with trust and surrender and a wide open heart to Source.

My painting tribe has changed my life in the most unimaginable ways.

Including in this - innervating within me the activation of holding space for your prayers,

in honor of the threads that connect us all as we move through our lives.

I don't claim to know much, really, when it comes right down to it.

But I do know this - there is great power in prayer.

Our energetic potential can't help but rise when we come together and offer exactly who we are.

And there is indescribable truth to be found where spiritual practice meets creative process.

So if you feel called, leave your prayer in the form below...

(I will be accepting prayers until 12pm EST Nov. 22)

NOTE: No longer accepting prayers - thank you, deeply, to all who submitted.

As stated in the first prayer painting invitation:

While painting, the intention is simply to hold space for you, your prayers, your desires, your deep yearnings and needs, your truths, or anything you need to release - whatever that be, there is no right or wrong, no specific topic. Perhaps it is something you have not voiced to anyone, perhaps it is well known to those around you. It could be an immediate wish, or a lifelong commitment or something that just comes to you at the moment...

It is an exchange of sorts - you offer to release your prayer to the creative process of a painting, and I, in turn, offer to witness and honor your spirit and heartfelt prayer in deep gratitude through my painting practice with color, brushes, curiosity and stillness. As simple as that.

No promises, no gimmicks, no catches. Just This.

You can view the first collective Prayer Painting HERE. 

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with love and respect,