Trust Your Impulse!

Trust Your Impulse, Hali Karla Arts Feeling restricted, overwhelmed, chaotic, paralyzed, confused or ungrounded in the midst of world stuff lately? Or is your creative practice feeling a bit dry or... pointless... or in a phase of growing pains?

Maybe you're just needing a little fresh, embodied creative response and play? (Trust me - that is often the remedy that is needed most when we can't figure out what's going on).

Is it time to get back to the heart of WHY you have a creative practice to begin with, and what it feels like to be uninhibited, free and totally you in the cycles of your creative process?

Last night, I opened up registration for my third and final Making Art Medicine session this year, IMPULSE - and you can save a few bucks if you register in the next few days.

Use discount code: IMPULSE10 (good through August 15)

Of the three sessions, this one is a shining star all its own - and maybe the most fun, if I do say so myself. It feels like the perfect medicine to me right now - and I'm betting it just might appeal to some of you, too.

To stay strong, courageous and present to what our lives, challenging circumstances and world ask of us, we also need a place and time to also be free, unencumbered and a bit wildly innocent with our creative energy. It's just good, honest self-care for the blessed journey of an authentic life.

In IMPULSE, we will really be letting loose our spontaneous responses to the creative practice invitations, for five lessons - creating many studies curiosities and a few series of art-work that will undoubtedly open or return you to your inherent, natural creative voice and the spirit of your mark-making language... in paint and color, of course!

It is no less than a gateway into how you experience your creative energy and the inner world of your most radiant freedom.

It's going to be a bit like a wild+guided mixed-media exploration with choose-your-own-adventure options.

I am having ** putting this one together for my Making Art Medicine participants.

Just to be clear... in these sessions, I rarely teach you how to do exactly what I'm doing. I will, however, demo some things and share about my process.

Most importantly I will invite you into the discovery of how you do your creative practice and art-making... while offering lots of invitations you can use anytime to loosen up, peel back the layers of should (or should-nots), and {re}discover the artist's touch that only you have.

These invitations are fun as a one time thing - but also can be added to your medicine bag of creative practice 'infusions and salves', and used again and again to re-vitalize your practice, open the flow of energy and expand your art-making relationship and language.

You can join us just for IMPULSE (beginning on September 12 with lifetime* access), or sign up for the full Making Art Medicine series and receive immediate access to the first two sessions while you wait for IMPULSE to start.

Learn more and register RIGHT HERE.

And don't forget that discount code: IMPULSE10 (discount code is good through Aug 15)


Making Art Medicine 2016 with Hali Karla Arts, Mixed-media art-making for joy and insight


*as long as I maintain the site, any closure will come with fair warning