Violet Girl with Scars and Stars (a painting)

mixed-media painting on panel by Hali Karla

today I’m sharing this painting I made last month on a wonderful break from social media, and some of the words from my journal, mid-process with the painting.… the words are thoughts, musings, morsels of conversations + inspirations at the time, and process observations inter-mingling.

mixed-media painting on panel, in-process, by Hali Karla
mixed-media portrait detail on panel by Hali karla
mixed-media portrait on panel by Hali Karla

layers of stories
hidden beneath scars.
impressions made matter
over time.

there is peace, in a moment,
lids drawn blind. not be seen, seeing, open.

aqua-deep, sea-blue soaked
yet adamantly
saturated dry...

like real earth
with sighs that
hint that
stillness can shine.

violets heal trauma
(they say)
these ones
are rather large.

there were going to be stars in her hair.
there were stars in her hair.

but deliberate magic
can be so easily overdone

and is…


the truth lost in flashy gestures.

better, perhaps
to join the sacred care
of a broken world, found
fumbling and forming
within what IS.

it's not as entertaining as witchy spells
and heavenly bells
and stolen smoking prayers,
but it's...

Like earth.
Like each other's hands.
And tears. And laughter.
And the silence of not knowing
what we see.

Better, perhaps
to seek, to see
and knead our secret "magic" undeclared
in a day's infinite kindness,
in simple, shaking truths let rise,
in bread baking, broken, shared...

...or in a violet's quiet withness.

Better, perhaps
to re-member the deep medicine
that flowers have always known...

there is a humble, healing
holy Mystery
far, far greater than the stories
scars or stars may tell.

we are All still forming in Love.

and love
is always made visible.