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intuitive mandala detail - Hali Karla Our ability to reach one another and relate with our voices and stories and perspectives as women is a great gift in this internet age. What a gift to be able to feel the power of relation and a surge of inspiration and perseverance from one another in this way.

Below are a few clips and links to some posts I have enjoyed and resonated with this past week:


So I’ve been wondering if perhaps my gifts are best given elsewhere, elsewhen, elsewhy, and elsehow and perhaps the internet, so fertile with ideas, is also too flooded with pain for deep restoration to occur in the comments sections.


I’ve been thinking that “justice” seems so often to look more like punishment, banishment, perfunctory comments demonstrating ideological and semantic purity and smug performative positioning (I have behaved in all of these ways and still do, ugh), or earnest but ultimately futile shufflings of the capitalist deck where every single card pulled is the Tower, in myopic attempts to avoid locking horns with the irredeemability of Empire.


As if we can market our way out of this mess.


We can’t.

~ From Rachael Rice's post 'On Cleaving and Collapse' - about many, many important things, and especially what it means to show up to these changing times.


Remaining creative in the face of the machine, she says, is vital. “You can’t beat a bully at his own games. And I’m not talking about one particular bully here; it’s energy. You have to out-create the destruction – it’s the only way.”

~ From an article on Tori Amos, a childhood heroine of mine. The article is called Tori Amos: 'Menopause is the hardest teacher I've met. Harder than fame.'


And just like that blogging went from grassroots to glossy.

What that meant for me, as a burgeoning creative entrepreneur, was that I started to leave myself out of my blog. (I know that may sound weird coming from a woman whose site literally has her name in it.)...

What started out as a loving and careful desire to focus on what was useful, relevant and inspiring became so restrictive that my blog didn’t feel like my blog anymore. This thing that had been such a powerful and important part of my life belonged to “the business” Suddenly it felt like there was no room for me.

~ From Jamie Ridler's  post today, "I'm Taking My Blog Back."