what they said... about the first year of Spectrum

Below are just a few of the kind words sent our way when I asked for feedback about Spectrum 2014. It's important to me to hear helpful thoughts about what participants experienced as I shape the form of Spectrum 2015 (in one week, we share the 2015 Contributors and registration opens! Are you on the list to be first to hear?). Spectrum 2014 became its own creation in so many ways, and was an incredible first year for the program. One of the things I learned, as host and facilitator, was that there wasn't enough balance of my own time worked into the plan - between behind-the-scenes management and the level of presence and engagement I had hoped to offer in the community group. I'm so excited to share that this will be changing this year, as we have shifted things even closer to the original vision to make room for more connection during the workshops in 2015!

Some of the coming changes were in part due to the great technical requests and impressions for possible improvements from participants, received along with testimonies like the ones below, which feel like a pure gift.

Thank you from the depths of my heart to all participants and contributors from Spectrum 2014. I have received so much goodness and growth in the process of visioning, asking, and receiving your Yes and presence in creating our experience together. I can't wait until we begin the 2015 Spectrum Circle together as well!