3 art journal flip-throughs (video)

art journal, click through for flip-through, Hali Karla Arts As the New Year has rolled in, the fella and I have been nursing ourselves out of a nasty flu. So, needless to say, my blog post plans have fallen behind, but I wanted to share this little flip-thru video (below) that I started before the holidays swept us up and into 2015. (That image above was one of my first journal pages in 2014)

I worked in more than half a dozen art journals this past year because that's just how I roll - I like variety and options and experimenting freely. I also tried 3 different planner projects trying to find the right fit. And I made a bunch of loose pages, too. 2014 sort of felt like a visual journaling free-for-all in my little world, to be perfectly honest. A devotion to creative impulse with no pressure on completion.  And I kinda like it that way.

This video gives a flip-thru of three of those journals - including one planner and an altered book - in all their unfinished, non-thematic glory: