Where Women Go Healing Flows

I am always amazed at the sheer power, love and manifestation 
that occurs when women gather together with good intentions
and share space.
There is remarkable wisdom that blooms in the group from the collective of each participant.
There is compassion and support.
There is room for all facets and faces of emotion at its most raw display.
There is quiet stillness and play.
There is evidence of fine consideration and organization everywhere
- truly a collective, nurturing effort.

There is story and song.
There are lessons to be learned from one another
with humble respect.
There is the undeniable empowerment of free creative flow.
There is sensually-alive body awareness and sacred expression
that can only be found amongst women.
There is safe space.
There is healing begun,
healing rooted,
healing transcended,
healing concluded.

There is healing that flows deep down in your soul filling you up
until it overflows out into the world you touch 
once you return to your life.
I attended the Southeast Womens Herbal Conference for the third time this past weekend, 
with almost 1000 other women.  
It was incredibly moving to share that space as usual.  
This year I served as a partial work exchanger and had the honor of welcoming women of all ages, from all backgrounds and beliefs, and from places all over the world into our space here in the Appalachians where healing knowledge is shared in the Wise Woman Tradition.
I took a different approach to the classes I attended this year, 
going with what simply called to me 
- not for the accumulation of knowledge, but what called to my spirit.
And I found myself in exactly the places I needed to be at just the right times,
in discussions about 
the shifting collective consciousness,
the potent power of Stillness,
Holding Sacred Space for one another,
the healing power of art as process and meditation,
honoring our lives as women through intentional ritual throughout our seasonal year,
and reclaiming the wisdom of our sacred sensual body.
I missed the last day of the conference because I woke up,
ironically enough, with a nasty head-cold.
But there is power in even this.
I believe I was meant to be in my own space 
for the arrival of what has been brewing inside of me for months now. 
A little seed that has had no name or face so far, though I have felt the stirring.
I stayed at home and rested and ate good food,
and found myself lying on a blanket in the beautiful sunshine
when it hit me like a flood
- a barrage of ideas, in sequence, for a program for women
that combines the facets of my passions
with a topic that I intuitively sense
is deeply needed.
I could not write fast enough to lay the ideas down as they came in...
I cannot wait to share it with the world, 
or with even just that one person that it will resonate strongest with,
but for now, 
there is much nurturing and development to take place 
to prepare the program and myself for this calling.
Much love to all my Sisters,