Your Prayer Painting

As I adhered the prayers to the page for this painting, waves of emotion, vulnerability and connection rolled through me and came to being as soft-song tears in my eyes, released into rivers of color in awe-drenching gratitude on my cheeks.

Laid together, side by side, the prayers were like a radiant quilt of passion and desire, aching and yearning, appreciation and love and the truths of human experience & resiliency found in the depths of every woman's heart and essence.

The content is sacred and private, between pray-er and creator, but it is Universal, too. And that is what overcame me so strongly as I listened, and painted and held your prayers in heart to hand to art.

We are all more alike than we are different. With the same basic desires and intentions, fears and uncertainties... with the same potential and power to heal, nestled in the light of our heartminds and bellysouls, weaving us together, one spirit to another.

Knowing this helps strengthen compassion and understanding, patience and non-attachment. From there, we can resolve to pray, together, from right where we are, however we choose to pray, expecting no more, no less than to play our own special part in this energetic journey of Life witnessing Life in dynamic, creative transformation.

I thank each of you for allowing me the honor to witness You, and for witnessing me in return. May you see your deepest visions & desires manifest into living reality.

~ hali

In prayer, from 40 women around the world, we pray for:

All of HUMANITYMOTHER EARTH & her creaturesSTRENGTH & Courage to follow dreams & INTUITION     To LET GO for CONNECTION to LEAD with grace to know the NEXT STEP    for HEALINGfor MORE TIME    for OTHERS for JUSTICEfor FORGIVENESS    for RELATIONSHIPSfor GUIDANCEfor LOVE & TRUSTfor Family of blood & heart     for greater COMPASSION     for POSITIVITY in the face of challenge     for RELIEF from pain    for FREEDOM for CLARITYto recognize ABUNDANCE & BLESSINGSfor CHILDREN  & Parentsfor PLANTSfor MAGIC    for UNDERSTANDINGfor SELF-CONFIDENCEfor GRACEfor EACH OTHER that we may always remember      to PRAY, to LISTEN, to Trust, and to participate ....

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about this process, as it was deeply moving for me, so please be sure to comment below or send me a note with any thoughts or questions at all. Thanks!