Already this Year in Patience and Awe

Most people consider the course of events as natural and inevitable. 
They little know what radical changes are possible through prayer. 
- Paramahansa Yogananda -
Lately, I have been in a state of amused, reverent awe
at the unfolding of events so far in 2012,
and the power of prayer and setting intentions.

I began the year with a little black book,
where I have laid to word and colorful intention
some prayers and big dreams, 
with simple steps and reminders
about my truth, my desires, my joys, my devotion
and the creative life I envision.

You know the kind -
the life where I live in committed
allowance and synchronicity
with my soul's deeper calling,
doing the work I'm meant to do.

Now, 30 days in -
just 30 -
I reflect on this little activity with awe,
as I begin to see
these deliberate intentions
and morsels of soul-filling joy
manifest before me.
Sparked from nothing more than my own fire within
and offered only a little light, time and place of honor
in a book I visit a couple of times a week
that holds the secret meditations of my heart.

For instance, already this year...
I was invited to develop an online class, an in-person playshop, and to be part of a WNC local blog circle. I stepped past my fear & doubts and posted the Prayer Painting invitation. An amazing, inspiring intuitive painter leader saw the invitation, shared it, and opened the opportunity to so many women that otherwise would not have known - and it has been so beautifully received, responded to, and transforming for many of us already. I have found that the new teaching job in nursing I was dreading is actually filling me in ways I hadn't expected... and I suspect is better preparing me for my future in ways I can't imagine just yet. My husband found a job and continues to thrive with his art and music. I am finally beginning to integrate a semi-regular yoga practice into my daily life with ease and joy. And I was able to commit to a program that my soul *knows* will further shift my life in every way toward that which I sense is my higher work... and there's more, but you get the idea... huge things in the works, huge heart-expanding changes and opportunities and perspectives... 
I am stating this here in this space because LilyWheel Slide was my first outward step toward re-finding and courageously claiming my creative life - not as a hobby, but as a way of living.
That's what this space is about for me. Creating, dreaming, healing, seeing, sharing, connecting, figuring it out, expressing deep gratitude, and offering intentions. 
Oh -
And showing up.
It's also about showing up -
at my easel, on my knees, here, in my life
to do the work that is mine and only mine, 
to allow Source to flow through in my life
so that I might offer my highest good 
and experience the best life for me.
Amazing how a simple interactive exchange can occur,
when I offer to myself and to Source
acknowledgment for my worth, 
gratitude for my gifts and life,
a commitment to open patience and service
and deliberate, reverent wonder and faith
that I am realizing the life I am meant to live
in perfect timing.
Not the life that I CAN, 
or the life that I WILL,
or even the life I think I desire,
but the life that I AM.  

The greatest prayer is patience.
(Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta)