What I’m Doing Now…

Still living in Asheville - surrounded by beautiful, old mountains - with my musician+artist husband. We’re both self-employed artists, dedicated to living our call to creativity - and making it work, one day at a time, with much GRATITUDE to all who support us along the way.

Simplifying BIZ-Y THINGS

After 7 years online, lots of advice + courses, learning and trying out all kinds of ways of doing things, adopting systems and approaches for my site, biz, process, connections and classes… it has become clear that my current overwhelm with all of it is a signal for REASSESSMENT, INTEGRATION OF ONLY WHAT MATTERS MOST, AND CH-CH-CHANGES.

It’s time to get back to my original, core values, needs and motivations with how Hali Karla Arts will operate. This is a bit scary, but it has to do with simplifying, scaling back from the trend-trains, and choosing focus diligently. Also lots of techie, behind-the-scenes changes I won’t bore you with.

It also means less internet, screen and social media time, come what may. MORE STUDIO AND CREATIVE DEVOTION TIME. And lots of faith that I’ll still be able to pay rent.


Creative Practice

PAINTING & WORD-PLAY People. Places (Nature and worlds within). Feelings that have no words. Creative energy + rhythms with discernment, healing, Presence, release, and reverence. These seem to be the themes I’m exploring right now and always cycle back to.

I am also slowly beginning my first focused BODY OF WORK in awhile, and may not share from that process until I feel my roots strongly planted in it.

Classes & Offerings

CONNECTION… Artists and Creatives need other Artists and Creatives… to stay accountable to our creativity and keep our perspectives fresh, validated and open - and to not give up on just being wired differently than the cultural norms. Four our hearts, we need each other. This I know. So I’m back to sending my subscribers a Creative Practice Note for reflection or inspiration most weeks, in the name of these things.

TEACHING… I am finishing up the second run of my astrology+creative practice program, In The Stars. It is a labor of love & discovery - and I tend to over-deliver, for better or worse. I have learned so much… and won’t be running it again as a year-long guided program next year, so that I can re-focus my energies on my Creative Practice and next iterations for exploration. (The ITS content will likely be offered in a different format, though - feedback is consistently positive about the depths and insights people have received)

TRANSLATIONS… I have grown quite fond of offering birth chart impressions in personalized Shine-On readings to my students and subscribers, as I’m able.

RE-newing COURSES… I am also finally preparing previous Creative Practice and art journaling offerings to re-release as self-guided courses here at my site.


I’m part of a weekly, immersive spiritual formation + theological exploration group here in real life, with tons of reading and reflection - and deep conversations I LOVE about stuff that cause most folks’ eyes to glaze over for one reason or another.

I recently finished up some Spiritual Caregiving training (continuing-ed) to reactivate my RN license - which is now done. Not sure why, except to not let it expire completely - and I enjoyed the CE content which relates to all my work with others.

Swimming has become a journey of re-membering and embodied bliss lately.

Childhood abuse/trauma and family stuff has re-surfaced for some unexpected fresh healing attention this year - that can happen every decade or so, it seems. So… a great deal of energy has shifted to moving gently and patiently through that. I feel the season for it is shifting, though.

Every day I am able, I get quiet and find my stillness and truth in my prayer, painting and contemplative practices - or out in nature, making nourishing meals, hanging out with my hubby and pets, and being with loved ones as time & energy allow.

this was updated on Sept. 19, 2018

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