100 Day Project: Start and Pause | Something from the Studio 6 (new video)

I started the #100dayproject this year with the intention of doing 100 portrait paint-sketches.

In the video below, I share about beginning the project... and then Life+Work happened... so I share a bit about how it got integrated into my Creative Practice a little more organically, temporarily put on pause, and now will be moving forward at a slower pace.

I keep finding myself - and my creative rhythm and energy - to be relishing and thriving within a slower pace this year. Just noticing how inner intentions show up in my living and creative experiences...

More savoring. Less expectation. More space. Less output. More love. Less conditions. More acceptance of my rhythms, needs and interests and how they ebb and flow. Less explaining and striving, and more listening. Living art, as a way. A way of Seeing and connecting. Not just the thing that gets observed or made, but the making of movement and transformation within the deliberate, slow act of taking the time it takes to appreciate the gift of Creative Spirit, moving {me}, with Life, as it will. Slow Art. Yes, please...

... more pauses, presence, participation.

Feels like the best state of awareness I've been in as summer starts in quite some years.

So here's a little Something From the Studio on the 'assignment' I gave myself this spring, inspired by the 100 day project, which will *not* be complete in 100 successive days:

Anyone else reading this post doing a 100 day project? Would love to hear about how it's going - and how you've made it your own - if you'd like to share.