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the time it takes for Creative Practice (musing + video) | Something From the Studio 14

Here’s a recent intuitive painting process video, with a musing on taking time to cultivate a Creative Practice (and the sense of connection we find within it). Just a little Something From the Studio…

Here’s an imperfect transcript, in case you like to read the words:

Hello there friends. This is just a little something from the studio.

It's a time-lapse video of an intuitive piece I created not that long ago.

I thought I'd share just briefly some of the things I've been thinking about and came up for me with this painting and editing this video.

I've been thinking about time, and how we make time and take time, and how we spend the currency of our time.

And thinking about the time it takes to cultivate a creative practice.

This is something that often comes up for people who are trying to find a rhythm with their own creative practice and what it looks like to fit creativity into a full and busy life. And to create that space in our life for a creative practice that touches both that joy and that depth within the process, and reawakens that spark of creative energy within us and makes us feel a little more connected to some of those things that we can't put words to.

And yet here in social media and all these things, we present our lives and our art in, you know, very specific sorts of lighting or environments. We use filters and tricks of illusions and we selectively curate what we're going to show and what we're not, and then we add in these explanations and edited captions and things, and then we present it at 20 times the speed - for instance, like in this video - hoping for what? you know?

I don't know… we're hungry. We're hungry to share, we're hungry to see what others have to share. Then we're hoping for some sort of mass consumption or something - perhaps to be inspired, to inspire others… and we eat it up, right?

Because of that hunger, we eat it up, what we all put out there, we eat it up. Because we love to be entertained by this promise of a quick result.

And then we wonder why it can be so hard to actually slow down and do the work it actually takes to enjoy and be present to our hands-on creativity, bringing that creative energy out of the ideas of our mind and into something that's manifested before us.

Into listening to the call of our spirit and engaging with touch… connecting to our life, to one another, to the natural rhythms that pulse and germinate within us.

But if we pause long enough to listen, we'll hear this wisdom in our cells that reminds us that anything fruitful and life-giving, anything worth our time and attention…

will ask us to simply take the time it takes… 

to slow down… 

and to remember our place in this real time experience of creating and creation.

intuitive painting art demo with musing on Creative Practice | Hali Karla Arts

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