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simple mood-shifting visual journal practice (video) | Something From the Studio 13

In this short video, I muse and paint in an altered book art journal, sharing a very simple and uplifting Creative Practice approach… a sort of meditation, where I let the thoughts, pressures or agenda of my day roll on by for a little while.

This practice is not about making grand fine art or even an exemplary, layered art journaling spread.

It’s not about refining skill or challenging yourself or setting and meeting an intention even.

This approach is just about showing up to your practice, as you are - maybe even when you are likely to find a million excuses not to - but doing it anyway, because you know you feel better when you take that time to just breathe and let go.

It’s a pressure-free way to relax into a very simple approach - in my case, in an altered book.

Despite its simplicity, though, it can still spark inspiration, form and develop how you see and express in your visual language, bring a little beauty into your day, and shift your mood or focus from worries, tension or stress into the peace of the present moment.

At least that’s what I find. Even though that’s not the point. ;-)

This approach works well in altered landscape, nature or geographical books (like mine in the video), or you could easily do this with a magazine image - loose or adhered into another art journal or sketchbook.

Like in the video, try first finding and filling the negative spaces on your image with colors that delight you.

Try going thick with your paints or medium.

Or maybe fall into the flow of making a repetitive pattern for a bit.

See where that leads your interest or aesthetic desire on the page.

But most importantly, just move color and play around on the page for the sheer sake of enjoying yourself.

video demo of a simple art journal creative practice that can uplift and inspire | Hali Karla Arts

art journal dreamscape demo (video) | Something From the Studio 12

Dreamscape intuitive paintings or art journal spreads are a favorite ‘subject’ of mine, for some years now. I return to them again and again. They are dynamic, changing in each season of my creative process somehow. Other worlds of unplanned symbolism, association and curious presence.

This demo video is one of several lesson demos from a previous course of mine. A play-along sort of lesson, where I share musings and considerations along the way. I’ve shared the spread here at the blog before, but the process transformation is where so much of the life is in art-making, ya know?

Grab the stuff of your current Creative Practice and create along with me while the video plays, if you like - hope you enjoy!

A mixed-media altered book art journal demo video. A dreamscape spread from start to finish with creative process musings. Dreamscapes are a playful, intuitive approach that takes you somewhere unplanned and usually a bit mysterious or magical.

Altered Book Art Journal Flip-Thru (new video) | Something From The Studio 7


In this flip-through video, I share a peek at one of my favorite little altered-book art journals from a couple of years ago.

I didn't totally fill up the book - I often don't - but sometimes in creative practice things are just complete and have run their course, without forcing ourselves to stay with them to the end and fill up all the space when our heart, attention and time is being pulled elsewhere, ya know?

There's a time for sticking with things, and a time for just going with the flow and following the energy. And sometimes in the creative process - often, even - we look around and realize we've circled back anyway, refreshed with perspective, to re-visit something we thought we'd left behind.

As in art, so in life....

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