A Note to You

i just want You to know
i've been listening to your prayers,
the ones you offered here.
i want You to know,
deep in your heart,
that You are seen
and so loved.

i want You to know
i have said your prayers out loud, with You,
and for You,
to the Universe
because this is all i know how to offer from here,
this is how i am holding your prayers, your voice
for this prayer collective...

this is how i pray with You.
this is how i am listening.

i began the Prayer Painting two days ago.
i am... immensely overwhelmed...
in an emotional river
i can only call Gratitude.

i am swimming in 40 prayers,
now One,
sensing creative Source
offering energy and light to each
in color, stroke and blend.

and i can't stop looking at this painting - let's call "it" Her,
and feeling You here with Her
as she becomes
a testimony
to You.

~ hali

(the Prayer Painting will be shared just as soon as She's done... we're not there just yet... )