page peek {doodle bird and silence}

art journal doodles, Hali Karla art journal doodles, Hali Karla

art journal doodles, Hali Karla


Doodling helps some of us listen. I'm glad we know that and are beginning to accept it nowadays. It helps fire off the right synapses to let meaning and memory form.

I doodle and sketch a lot more when I'm processing, full of questions or feeling lost, or internally planting and tending seeds of ideas and understanding. It becomes a way of turning off the other mind chatter, the patterns of control, and opening up space for whatever is brewing to organically reveal itself... or not.

But I also find that simple doodle sessions help trigger a deeper listening to my truth and intuition.

This page is simple, and yet there was a process. I'm not exactly the sort that is very good at living coloring within the lines, so I had to find my freedom with the marks I was making, and love for the unprompted bleeding of my watercolors. It took a little trial and error, some spontaneous accents in the final touches, and remembering that my authentic approach never looks exactly like someone else's.

Sometimes the best thing I hear, when I really let go and listen on a page of line and color, is the silence inside. Sometimes that's exactly what I need.


(this page was inspired by guest teacher and artist Kelly Barton on 21 Secrets Live last week!)