Art Journal Inspiration {21 Secrets Love}


These gorgeous, colorful pages were created by some of the women in my class, Imagine You, in the 21 Secrets Workshop!

It just makes me grin, ear to ear, to see these bold, intuitive pages - so rich with individuality and life! Aside from the pages themselves, it has been such a pleasure and honor to read about how the process in Imagine You felt for the artists, and how it has opened up fresh ways to approach art journaling.

Because this intuitive creative process isn't just an easy-weasy, do-what-you-please, anyone-can-do-it approach to artmaking - contrary to what many believe.

Granted, it can be so liberating and pure fun, at times... not to mention eye-opening and healing... but it takes work to stay with your pure intuition when your mind always wants to come in and have the final say.

The best part, though, is that no matter how hard it is when you start, you can't really get it wrong... because right where you start, and right where you end up, is exactly where you're supposed to be.

Your job is to just show up and notice what goes on inside of you, while honoring what wants to come out instinctually, organically, naturally.

That's what I offer in Imagine You - some fresh approaches on how to stay open, while shaking up the mind a bit, so your intuition & imagination can lead into those original, creative places inside you that otherwise might have stayed buried.

That's why I love seeing these pages, and feel proud that they each agreed to let me share them... because we get to see the uniquely beautiful, creative energy of each artist shining from them!


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