Art Practice, Moon Magic: February New Moon Theme

Art Practice, Moon Magic: February Creative Practice Invitation I LOVE this month's Art Practice, Moon Magic theme so much, and the wisdom and energy of the zodiac sign that inspires it. It is *perfect* as a creative practice check-in and guide!

Remember - we will always be starting a new monthly theme with the New Moon, which also happens to fall in the middle of the Sun's time in that same sign, as a general rule. So there are lots of fun ways to discover connections with this sign's energy and this time of year, and you may already be feeling it.

Creative practice can help us really hone in on the abundant nature of the energy that is available in the seasons and cycles, taking it from something we can just sort of sense, to something that we can identify and have relationship with.

Art Practice, Moon Magic themes or prompts can give us a way of focusing our attention with intention toward consciously exploring and expressing what is already available and awake in our intuitive sense of connection.

So let's just dive in, since the New Moon is in just a few days.

The New Moon on Monday, February 8th is in the rebellious and visionary sign of  Aquarius, and marks a time of year perfect for looking ahead, committing to humanitarian causes, and trying something new that is true to you. 

This is the sign that wakes up our drive and hunger for freedom and to be ourselves, along with a pull toward unpredictability, humor and networking with our people. Aquarius is an energy often misunderstood... because, with this air sign, the way emotions are processed within doesn't always look that way on the outside.

Aquarius energy is teaching us about detachment and healthy objectivity, so that we don't get swept up in outside expectations, and so that our ways of showing up are aligned with a spirit of shared consciousness AND our own personal higher purpose.

When the moon is in Aquarius we often feel most seen, understood and nurtured by those who honor and celebrate who we are without trying to shape us into a more ideal version based on their own comforts. We may also feel a magnetic pull toward those who display a natural brilliance of individuality themselves.

Aquarius is Big Picture energy!

Aquarius also reminds us to keep humor very much alive in all of these seemingly paradoxical considerations!

This month’s Art Practice, Moon Magic theme is two part...


So what does that look like for you right now? Completely, utterly, uninfluenced truth... how do YOU feel? And what feels FREE to your spirit?

Are there causes or groups you can commit to or reconnect with that will light you up - and accept you for who you are, where you are?

How can you create a relaxing and/or eccentric+diverse environment in your home?

What knowledge and awareness are you hungry for? There may be a mysterious element involved.

What might help you feel confident, easy and comfortable when connecting in current relationships or trying to call in new ones? How can you bring encouragement and friendliness to in your responses to others different than you?

In a visual creative practice... what is something new you can try? Something totally liberating? Something you love to do, but hold yourself back from for some reason? How can you drop any expectations and let yourself freely express in your practice, even if it means making a mess? Is there something new you wanted to learn to deepen or support your practice?

Or, simply create a Big Picture. Literally. Bigger than you normally work/play in. Let yourself expand into the page or canvas, totally free, totally you. Play with standing back and taking it all in, as well as really getting in there with the details.


So here is where we share for this next month's theme and can visit one another. (We can also share over on IG with hashtag #artpracticemoonmagic )

I'll be sharing some additional thoughts on the Full Moon as well, for an immersive spin on the dynamic lunar energy, and will also post some musings from my own practice response sometime before the next theme starts here at the blog.

You can also share your process in the Aquarius New Moon link-up below, anytime before the March New Moon - from a specific blog post, a public image you post at Instagram or facebook, or just upload an image right to the link-up below, using the blue button on the left.

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This month's theme is inspired by my personal astrological study practice, and is influenced by the wisdom of astrologers Steven Forrest, Amy Herring, Kim Rogers-Gallagher, Kaypacha, Jan Spiller, Stephen Arroyo, and many of the great insights shared over at Mystic Mama. I give it a personal spin with my own intuitive take on the current creative energies as well.