Snippets of Love, Life & Process: Weeks 4 & 5

Apparently I can't seem to get these snippets out on a consistent schedule yet, so I'm just going to call it enough to get them posted as life allows! While consistency is such a lovely aspiration and quality, sometimes flexibility is just as important to keep things going for us creatives, don't you think? Here’s a selective round-up from weeks 4 & 5 of this year: a few shots of art+life+musings as shared on Instagram in the past couple of weeks…

Sketchbook, ten minute studies, Hali Karla

Evening pages: ten minutes, on the floor, ball point pen

painting study in altered book art journal, hali karla arts


detail of altered book art journal, hali karla arts

Let us remember to pause and breathe in the essence of our creative spirit every day, like the moon shining down beams of a greater, mysterious unfolding, activating our primal desire to revel fully in being alive, lit up and expressive. Let us take this to our practices and our living, wholeheartedly and with dedication........ [New musings + lots of #artjournal peeks up AT THIS BLOG POST in response to this month's #artpracticemoonmagic prompt... Hashtag on IG if you're playing along and/or link-up over at the post if you'd like to share]

studio and sketchbook peek on filming day, hali karla arts

Something definitely shifts when you practice ways of seeing. Sharing another peek at this space... I've spent a lot of time here today, painting, writing, rearranging parts for my upcoming course Making Art Medicine. Enjoying the process, if I do say so myself. I'm always humbled and revitalized by the creative process in such good ways.

(Making Art Medicine starts in just a few weeks!)

art journal sketchbook detail, Hali Karla Arts

Pages. Left this one for quite awhile, but now i'm back with just enough curiosity and detachment to let it become what it is.

Collage images from Spectrum 2016 teachers Catherine Anderson, Tara Leaver, Meghan Genge, Suki Ka'Pinao, Shelley Klammer, Kristal Norton (Hali Karla Arts)

Creative journaling - expressing yourself with word-play and through mixed-media {art}making - is an amazing way to access, celebrate, heal and awaken what feels joyful and vital to you. It is a way of seeing, processing your life and vision, and finding meaning, activation or release.  [this collage brought to you by the lovely artwork/images from 5 of the 45 Spectrum 2016 teachers, @catherineandersonstudio @taraleaver @sukihealingarts @shelleyklammer @kristalnorton @meghangenge ]

Learn about Spectrum 2016 here

art journal detail, loose and free, Hali Karla Arts

Evening pages, loose and free....


Hope your process is is feeling colorful, surprising and rich - in life and the pages.

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