Art Practice, Moon Magic: March Theme (New Moon Invitation)

March New Moon Creative Practice Invitation for Art Practice, Moon Magic The New Moon on March 8th, is in Pisces.

It is also a Supermoon - so the moon herself is closest to the earth, and tides are higher. Sharing the day with a solar eclipse. Energy is high tide, too - maybe in good or strange ways for you.

I am a Pisces. Pisces is symbolized by two fish. I'm actually a double-Pisces-cusp, born on a New Moon... so you might say I have a living experience of the watery, intuitive terrain that marks this time of year, and the energy of this particular New Moon.

I am still learning about myself, though - just like the rest of us. And it is totally awesome - and rarely easy, to be an astrological fish. (I would say that about every other sign, too - it's just that I can attest to this one!)

One of the astrologers I've been studying said that to understand Pisces, you need to not think of the fish symbol, though. Because it's not about the two fish swimming in seemingly opposite directions as much as it is about the Ocean.

Quite frankly, the ocean has always simultaneously terrified and comforted me, in ways I have no words for. There is a strange peace in the paradox of feeling so infinitely full of life and so small all at once.

The vastness and big picture of oceanic depths can help us get a sense of the particular creative energy and consciousness that is available for our Art Practice, Moon Magic March theme.

It can help to think of Pisces as a sign of altered consciousness, imagination, mystical awareness, sensitivity, compassion, spiritual healing, helping, psychic inclinations, surrender, trust, ecstasy, forgiveness, tolerance, unity, the dreamer, boundless awareness... and also... escapism, procrastination, anxiety or panic, addictions, deception, defeatist attitudes, helplessness, ungrounded, lack of discipline, unhealthy subjectivity.

Every sign... and energy... can sway this way or that... shining in strengths, or dipping into (and hopefully not lingering in) shadow-sides.

Thank goodness for the gift of bringing consciousness to how we respond, react and swim with our lives, and for the gifts of cultivating our self-awareness and how we channel our creative energy, so that we're not just wide-eyed and stuck, or splashing about in circles.

This month’s Art Practice, Moon Magic theme is…


I invite you to consider your relationship with your imagination.

Think of it as an ocean of your awareness, both conscious and subconscious. Universal. Deep. Life-giving. Cleansing. A sea of the cycles of creativity. Drawing into itself both what is and what is not yet.

How often do you visit the shores and waves of your imagination, and let time slip by without a care, taking in the healing of that sort of energy and presence?

What sort of time, space or distance do you need to let yourself FEEL the ebb and flow of your dreams?

Not the dreams that you can list on a piece of paper, or even the actionable steps you can see to put them in motion... but to swim into the depths of dreamtime itself, open to receive insight or intuition into possibilities you have not seen before.

Maybe they are possibilities about paths to your dreams that you had not imagined yet. Maybe they are ways that your dreams are already unfolding, and what you receive is a blessing, a cleanse of surrender. Trust. Faith.

Maybe they are ways that your actual dreams, while sleeping, are speaking to you and through you, whispering truths, desires and needs.... Pisces is an energy of sleeping dreams, as well.

Let your imagination awaken and give possibility to the shapes of your dreams. Whether they be small or huge, intimate or vast. What do they feel like within you? What do they bring to your consciousness as you reflect upon them?

Perhaps, begin your Art Practice, Moon Magic play with this prompt, responding in color or word or collage...

I have a dream...

(MLK Jr. was a Pisces Moon)

I look forward to connecting with those of you that choose to share this month!


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