Vital Expression of Self


...the goal of art was the vital expression of self." - Alfred Stieglitz


This is a page I did alongside some of the other studies we're doing in Essence.... My practice is like that... sometimes focused-in-close with prompts or ideas as starting places or anchors, and then also free to expand, drift and overflow into other pages and paintings... there is a rhythm for each of us, about expanding and retracting, about how we integrate, and how we show up to our creative energy and awareness.

It's fascinating. And so re-vitalizing when we bring consciousness to how we dance with it.

If we can keep that quote in our hearts - whether we're practicing techniques, learning about new materials, honing in on our unique style, or expressing in a deeply spontaneous or intuitive way, I sense we might be on to something about staying open to the gifts, insight and power {art}making can bring into our experience.


Also - and by the way - the new sessions of Making Art Medicine, like Essence, will be available for registration at anytime, once they go live. That is part of what I want to offer in my classes, moving forward. Ongoing accessibility for full or busy lives, and no unnecessary sense of urgency.