Chart Your Creative Energy by the Moon part 3 (video) - Engaging the Signs and Elements

Chart Your Creative Energy by the Moon - free chart and videos from Hali Karla Arts When we incorporate an awareness of the Moon signs and their elements into how we moon-chart our creative energy, this is when we really begin to see what is unique to our personal rhythms, as well as approaches that may keep us open, awake and receptive to our creative process.

So if you downloaded your free Creative Energy Moon Chart and prepared with the first two steps HERE, then you are ready to start considering the signs and elements for part 3.

In the video below, I walk you through adding the moon signs to the days on your chart, while sharing with you ideas about how the related elements speak to directing our creative energy and attention.

If you need a calendar that shows you the zodiac sign the moon is in on each day, you can put your location in and use the free online calendar HERE.


Here are those sign glyphs again, in case they're new to you or you need a refresher...

Screenshot 2017-03-29 19.42.17

Even just an awareness of the signs' element can shine a whole lot of light on our rhythms and the ways we might connect with nature's cycles in our creative process... so you are now all set up to use your Creative Energy Moon Chart. If you stick with it, I'm certain it will offer you insight.

And remember, it is most helpful when you do it for at least 3 months... this is when patterns will really begin to reveal themselves to you.

While there are four elements we noted on our charts, there are three signs that share each of those elements - and each of those signs has a very different tone, agenda and impression, as well.

The next layer for reflection and discovery, then, is to begin to think about the influence and nature of each individual Moon sign, and how that may create tension, flow or guidance for us as we dance with our own natural creative energy.

Of course, there are 12 zodiac signs, and we get to tango and spin with each in a lunar cycle, so there's a bit more to bring into our awareness when applying that part. If you have a working knowledge of the signs, you may be able to feel into this already.

In the next couple of days, I will be sharing access to some practical insights I offered to In The Stars participants at one of our live meet-ups.

These insights can help direct how you notice and invite the energy of each sign into your lunar cycle rhythms and how you might honor, enjoy and develop your creative practice with that awareness, or simply how your creative energy shows up in all the layers of your life.

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It will offer additional inspiring possibilities for considering the Moon charting experience, personalizing your understanding of how your energy/focus may flow with the lunar signs and cycles of nature, and aligning your creative practice to what you discover.

I've really enjoyed finally putting this little offering together for you this week, getting to share it and hearing from some of you already!

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with joy, Hali

UPDATE: You can now get the free pdf & all the Moon Chart Prep videos in order RIGHT HERE