...Creating Miracles Out of Molecules...

Cells detail

Cells detail

"Creating miracles out of molecules...." *

I can't seem to get that phrase out of my mind.

I also can't stop looking at that piece above - which I made, impromptu style, on New Year's Eve.

It's not the piece as much as it is the way I felt ~ the SURGE of Energy ~ when I dove right into making it. I felt that way again on Sunday when I started my painting for the Vigil. Sheer energy coursing through my movements and marks.

It's the Juice.

Now, there is a *buzz* to it... but to be perfectly honest, I've experienced various levels of buzzes in my day, and this is different. Pure. Clean. Guided. Invigorating. Tapped in. Flowing. More like it is moving through me, using me, showing me... the miracle of Creative Source, imagination, synaptic reflex and spontaneous response.

I don't think when I create this way - or, at least, thinking sits way back on the backburner. I just let it happen. It is so refreshing!

Now, I did offer a little prayer, of sorts, before starting the piece above. It was quite simple... What do you have to show me?


And maybe because of the spirit of the New Year, I felt really open and ready to listen and receive... and before I knew it, I was off and scribbling shapes. And I kept moving. In fact, I didn't stop or pull away from the page unless I was picking up another tool to go at it with, or stepping back just long enough to take it in and listen to the next drumbeat.

Scribbles became shapes and lines and layers of color and pattern, and I just kept moving and responding to each shift, rhythmically. And I felt REALLY good after that session, vibrating, thriving, and magnetically attracted to the piece in front of me. Joyful. Ready. For Life.

My own practice again became a mirror for how things work in life.

Let go. Follow the Juice. Move to Your Rhythm. Don't (over)think, just do what feels good and comes natural and trust trust trust in Creative Source to work through you, to guide you, to elicit exactly the response that is most needed. Bit by bit, piece by piece, molecule by molecule, magic and unity and cohesion will unfold before you in ways you can't imagine. And you come away feeling ALIVE and inspired - and, to me, that's a fine miracle to be gifted with. I've lived this enough times to know its truth and power.

That doesn't mean I always remember, or that it's easy. At all. Getting to this juice can sometimes take the long route.

The other night, I was sitting down to mind-map for some projects... and I have to confess, I hadn't been feeling excited for this one. At first, I started going through the motions and writing in what seemed like the things I was supposed to be coming up with for my personal Big Dreams in living my creative life... and it felt... flat... and blah blah blah yadda yadda... even though they were perfectly fine ideas for many people, I'm sure, and even, undoubtedly, ones that I wouldn't turn down if they were just handed to me. But for me, overall, it felt surface-oriented, and not coming from the heart of my creative juice... which is a place not so stuck on fine details.

I was going about it in the wrong way, though - my un-enthused attitude was, admittedly, a perspective I chose to approach it with. I got to a point where I gave in to the blahs and zoned out... a sort of meditative, day-dreamy place that is like a rest area for my mind. And guess who I met there? My muse, sitting on a bench waiting for me to get over the whole - "figure it out", "plan it out", "woe is me" routine.

She took my attention, like a ghost of Christmas past, away from the lists, and into a little incubator of molecular ideas right inside of me, that really has been there for a long, long time - maybe even most of my life.

In there, waiting for me, was the missing link: the possibility of creating movements of feeling, a fruitful growing container... out beyond mind map making, I could finally see the lush island of my own creative horizon. And, I kid you not, the ideas starting going off quicker than I could write them down. Collaborations, installations, immersions, retreats, environments, interactions, community building, offerings, imagination-generating vessels of love for creative empowerment, awareness and change. And a rhythm to include breathing, solitude, space. All involving making art. And all mostly about the Feeling I experience and desire to evoke in others.

In fact, even letting the ideas flow started to feel like making that piece above. A pure jolt of imaginative Energy. A miracle shift in motion.

I love it - because tapping into this juiciness is exactly the feeling I'm going for in the workshop I'll be leading in 21secrets this year, too. It's good stuff!

Of course, logistics and details play a role once we let the dreams settle into their places in our hearts. But those steps and tasks, when intentionally taken just one at a time, can feel more like making a scribble, line or shape or choosing a color on inspired impulse. Don't think about it too much, just move into your rhythm and follow your juice. See the next step and dance it. Then the next and the next....

Step back sometimes, briefly, and give thanks, and move back in to *feel* the potential becoming. Your participation is the greatest gratitude you can offer - so don't deny the urge to arrange your creative impulses into living proof of that inspiration. Take it one mark at a time. Each motion is just a molecule, each molecule a key player in the miracle of a greater creative process. It's a natural, un-overwhelming, exhilarating way of assisting the universe in making things happen.

Intuitively, that's even how I approached the idea of the Vigil last weekend. And it fell into place beautifully, naturally, and in bigger ways than I'd even imagined while taking little steps to see to the realization of a safe vessel of feeling and inspiration for women.

So, why wouldn't that be how I ought to approach dreaming of and creating a life of offerings that best utilizes my gifts? Right?


* Howard Glasser, founder of the Nurtured Heart Approach