Easy Framing for Paintings on Paper (video) + Intuitive Mandalas | Something from the Studio 8


In the video below, I share an easy, inexpensive way to frame paintings on paper, as I frame a set of three custom, intuitive birth-chart mandalas for a family.

Just a little something from the studio...

I used this frame in the videos: https://amzn.to/2LF0Izn

I've been so touched by the joy and response that my mandala making process seems to bring others - it is a bit like eye-candy watching one come to life - AND they are so fun for me to make!

I usually share any peeks at the process over on my IG account.

In the process, there is a combination of letting the actual astrological chart inspire decisions about how I will begin and end the piece, but in the middle it is all creative energy and flow - and letting go of control to open up to the blooming of the mandala.

This particular set (in the video) was for my sister's family, but I have made several rounds of these commissioned mandalas over the past year for various families, couples and birthday gifts. That make beautiful sets.

Personalized commissions take a special kind of attention and time in the studio, so I don't always have these available to order.

However, I have some space to make a few custom mandalas as the summer is wrapping up, for anyone interested, and for a limited time. See the details to order yours on my new shop page.

As for the framing, I love simple... and hope this little idea inspires some of you with your creations and collections.


Before I go, here is an old photo just for kicks... a young, but-oh-so-tired Hali back at the art school exhibition I mentioned in the video - where I received an award for a set of drawing 'meditations' - no frames, just pinned to the wall like little art specimens, evidence of process, as-is.